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Tired of accidentally substituting a for ä or i for ì?  Fed up with having to press multiple keys for one measly letter?  Despair no more, for the Na'vi keyboard layout is here!  It switches out the q on your keyboard for ä and the j for ì.  Windows only.  Not recommended for typing in English.  Äueer spelling and other hiíinx might ensue.

To install, remove the files from the zip folder, run the setup utility, and then go to Regional/Language Options in the Control Panel.  From there, go to the Keyboards and Languages tab and click Change Keyboards.  Click Add and scroll down to English (United States).  You should see one that says US - Navi.  Select it, click OK twice, and it should be added to your language bar in the lower right hand of the screen.  You can use this bar to freely switch back and forth between standard English and Na'vi layouts.

Let me know what you think!


Nume fpi sänume:
Very cool idea, though i'll stick with my US - International setting.

Eywal ngaru teing oeti:

It's works! I hope people catch on to this.
Nice contribution! lol

For the Mac users out there I have created a QWERTY and Dvorak version of the Na'vi keyboard layout.  Since q b d j are not used, q & b = ä and d & j = ì.  If anyone wants these rearranged in any other way, just say so and I will gladly make a new version.


To install, drop the layout file into /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ folder.  The layout should then be accessible in the Language & Text preferences pane under Input Sources.


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