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Na'vi language wiki?

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omängum fra'uti:
I keep referring to the learn Na'vi pages when there's something I'm not yet remembering.  But there are a lot of things we do know which are not documented there, or are poorly explained.  I keep thinking things like "I should add more information" then fret that it's a static page and not a wiki page.

It would also be a good place for people to collaborate on projects like tutorials, reference material, and the like.

So what say you, would host a Na'vi language wiki?

24 hours ago, I would have said that it might be a bit to early for that, but 2800 of you (visitors since the site started up) disprove that.

Anyone else care to voice in on something like

Compound all the resources we have into a wiki that can develop and grow to find all the info we need in the fastest way possible?

Yes please!

I think we're solid enough to add something like this into the mix.

Everything is moving along quite well, and I think this will be another great step. In under a week, so many things have happened.


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