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Started by Layla75, September 02, 2020, 04:40:04 AM

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Hi! I'm investigating about conlangs and I´ve entered this community forum in hopes someone can provide to me a text in Na'vi (wether it is a poem, a song, or a small narration) and its translation to English or Spanish.
I would be forever grateful!!!

Tirea Aean

Kaltxì! Welcome to the Learn Na'vi forum!

We have a board of texts over at :)

We have music lyrics and translations here:

We also have a list of Na'vi blogs here:

And a news site written in Na'vi at

I hope this is helpful :D

EDIT: Ah, much of this does not come alongside English (or Spanish) version. Hmm..


Kaltxì ma Layla75 :) Welcome here!


Thank you for everything! I've been able to get the information I needed! :) :) :)