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Na'vi tribal identity / clan heraldry

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Kaltxì! Here is the first version of Na'vi heraldry/tribal identity symbols book. I think, it could be called as swayrelvi. Here is listed officially mentioned in JCA Universe and human origins I've managed to find and create by myself.

Everyone can submit an image of its own family/clan or tribe in Na'vi stylish identity. Graphics should be monochrome, flat and single line/outline stylish. Also you should have a Clan name word.

All graphic is offered with a free community creative license.

It looks interesting! Good graphic :)


--- Quote from: Toliman on December 16, 2020, 06:01:45 am ---It looks interesting! Good graphic :)

--- End quote ---

Irayo, ma eylan!)

Kea tìkin)

These symbols looks really cool! :D
That Nì'awe symbol reminds me at the Ubisoft logo. :P


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