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Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« on: January 26, 2010, 02:15:20 pm »
Babylon is a very useful translation tool that offers instantaneous definitions of words and phrases clicked on by the user. Being a longtime user of this program myself, I thought having a Babylon dictionary that covers it within the bounds of our present knowledge would be awfully nice -- and seeing as how no one seemed to have embarked upon such a project yet I decided to do it myself.

The entries have been compiled from several sources, but primarily come from's community dictionary. There are some differences when it comes to which words to include or exclude, and what derivations to make or refrain from making. Some words and word groups I have also classified differently. YMMV.

The entries employ the follow formatting:

   translation (clarification)
   [grammatical function]
   * comment

One of the nice things about Babylon is that it allows alternative definitions for the same term (e.g. clicking on either brought, brings or bringing will bring up the entry for bring), and I have used this to include all the numbers of the nouns -- long plural, short plural (where applicable), dual and trial -- except for presumed class nouns and abstract concepts where number would be meaningless. The latter do, however, have lenited alternatives where applicable, since they can still occur with leniting adpositions. The pronoun entries comprise all known inflections, with additional entries for the genitive forms, and the attributive forms of adjectives are also recognized. Verbs have only been added as-is, at least for now, since the infix system makes the number of possible forms uncomfortably high (the infix positions are called "first", "second" and "pre-first", as per Frommer himself), and multi-word compound verbs formed with si or tìng are marked with a capital V. Finally, all entries are given in the "common transcription", but the "scientific transcription" is also recognized (e.g. tseng and ceg both lead to the tseng entry).

Seeing as how only the root form of a word is displayed no matter which inflectional form brought a specific entry up, some understanding of Na'vi is required to use the dictionary properly. Hopefully the markup will work in most versions of Babylon (tested on the 7.x and 8.x lines), and since some (most?) versions have problems with apostrophes at either end of a word, all such entries have apostrophe-less alternatives (i.e. olo is recognized as olo').

This is obviously a work in progress, and there will surely be corrections and amendments beside simple additions as more information becomes available. In the meantime, please chip in with comments, suggestions, and, of course, errata.


1.00First published version. Up to date with v7.055 of Taronyu's dictionary.   (26 Jan 2010)
2.00Fixed some minor flaws, edited a number of entries, added a bunch of new words that have surfaced in recent emails as well as (a subset of) the numbers. Corresponds to v8.1 of Taronyu's dictionary.   (31 Jan 2010)
2.10Added a score of new words. TD v9.003.   (2 Feb 2010)
2.12Added the New Words of the Day. TD v9.1.   (2 Feb 2010)
2.13Fixed a couple of bugs. TD v9.103.   (6 Feb 2010)
2.14Amended some classifications due to new info and added a canon word.   (7 Feb 2010)
2.20Added some canon words and edited some entries due to new info. TD v9.15.   (16 Feb 2010)
2.21Added/edited some new stuff.   (18 Feb 2010)
3.00Added all the Frommerian verbs, plus a few other items. TD 9.53.   (24 Feb 2010)
3.01Added some tidbits from the Good Morning America piece.   (27 Feb 2010)
3.03Added a few words and definitions.   (2 Mar 2010)
3.04Added/changed a couple of canon things.   (4 Mar 2010)
3.30Finally added a series of new words and terms revealed during the run of the LEP, which has consumed all my time recently. TD 9.58.   (14 Mar 2010)
3.32Added some new words. TD 9.585.   (15 Mar 2010)
3.35Took care of the day's updates. TD 9.655.   (16 Mar 2010)
3.45Cumulative update with a number of new words and refinements. TD 9.662.   (28 Mar 2010)
3.47Added two sets of new words. NB: This will be the last update for about a month. TD 9.681.   (31 Mar 2010)
3.80Added everything new from the last month+. TD 9.75.   (7 May 2010)
3.83Finally sorted out the tsa(w) mess (I hope), and corrected a few errors. TD 10.   (10 May 2010)
3.86Added a few new words and caught a stray bug. TD 10.007.   (17 May 2010)
3.88Made a few minor updates. TD 10.012.   (22 May 2010)
3.91More minor additions. TD 10.013.   (24 May 2010)
4.00Finally, new info bringing about major additions in various fields, plus a bug fix or two.   (20 Jun 2010)
5.00Cumulative update with everything that has surfaced since midsummer. I've also taken the opportunity to update some old definitions, clarify some entries, correct some mistakes etc.   (27 Aug 2010)
5.03Some minor updates. TD 11.337.   (7 Sep 2010)
5.10More minor updates. TD 11.341.   (22 Sep 2010)
5.30Added new words from Na'viteri and the Na'vi Language Workshop, entered more inflectional alternatives for the various extended pronouns, and made some other adjustments at places. TD 11.409.   (7 Oct 2010)
5.35Some new words and info. TD 11.466.   (1 Dec 2010)
5.60Added everything from the first round of LEP 2.0 plus some other tweaks. TD 11.752.   (6 Feb 2011)
5.80Added the words from Part II of the January LEP round and made some other changes here and there. TD 11.775.   (22 Feb 2011)
6.00Brought everything up to date with Na'viteri. TD 11.845.   (4 Apr 2011)
6.10More from Na'viteri + error fix. TD 11.855.   (29 Apr 2011)
6.50Added everything new since last time from Na'viteri. Up to date with v12.12 of the LearnNa'vi dictionary (Taronyu is no longer maintaining it, so I'm dropping the TD notation).   (1 Jun 2011)
6.70Another Na'viteri round + minor fixes. LND 12.271.   (25 Jul 2011)
7.00Several Na'viteri additions. LND 12.281.   (5 Aug 2011)
7.20Up to date with Na'viteri again. LND 12.29+.   (8 Sep 2011)
7.50Na'viteri. LND 12.31.   (26 Sep 2011)
7.80Na'viteri x 2. LND 12.33.   (5 Dec 2011)
7.83Na'viteri. LND 12.36.   (8 Jan 2012)
8.00More Na'viteri. LND 12.37.   (13 Jan 2012)
8.30Na'viteri x 2. LND 12.41.   (6 Mar 2012)
8.502 x Na'viteri + consistency fix. LND 12.501.   (11 Apr 2012)
9.003 x Na'viteri + extra. LND 12.81.   (23 Jul 2012)
9.30Na'viteri. LND 12.821+.   (8 Oct 2012)
9.35More Na'viteri. LND 12.841+.    (1 Nov 2012)
9.60Various updates. LND 12.871.    (21 Jan 2013)
9.80Na'viteri and more. LND 12.89.    (2 Feb 2013)
9.90Bunch of Na'viteri. LND 12.94.    (4 Apr 2013)
10.00Na'viteri. LND 12.96.    (26 Apr 2013)
10.02Na'viteri. LND 12.97.    (8 May 2013)
10.05Na'viteri. LND 12.99.    (2 Jul 2013)
10.10Na'viteri. LND 12.993.    (6 Aug 2013)
10.20Na'viteri. LND 13.00.    (3 Oct 2013)
10.40More Na'viteri, at last. LND 13.07.    (5 Jun 2014)
10.50After a hiatus, more Na'viteri additions plus a few other things. LND 13.091.    (25 Aug 2014)
10.65Na'viteri. LND 13.20.    (17 Oct 2014)
10.80Na'viteri. LND 13.21.    (10 Dec 2014)
11.00Na'viteri. LND 13.22.    (3 Apr 2015)
11.15Na'viteri. LND 13.232.    (4 May 2015)
11.16Na'viteri. LND 13.234.    (24 Jun 2015)
11.30Na'viteri. LND 13.24.    (8 Aug 2015)
11.45Na'viteri. LND 13.25.    (5 Sep 2015)
11.50Na'viteri. LND 13.28.    (2 Dec 2015)
12.00Lots of Na'viteri! LND 13.29.    (2 Jul 2016)
12.10Na'viteri. LND 13.3.    (4 Jan 2017)
12.15Na'viteri. LND 13.33.    (2 Mar 2017)
12.20Na'viteri. LND 13.5.    (11 Jul 2017)
12.50Na'viteri.    (25 Oct 2017)
12.60Na'viteri. LND 13.62.    (9 Jan 2018)
12.65Na'viteri.    (9 Mar 2018)
13.00Two large Na'viteri updates.    (1 May 2018)
13.05Na'viteri. LND 13.8.    (26 Aug 2018)
13.10Na'viteri.    (15 Sep 2018)
13.15Na'viteri. LND 13.9.    (18 Nov 2018)
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// Lance R. Casey

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2010, 03:14:15 pm »
Great! I'm sure it will find use :D Adding to the projects board.

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2010, 10:24:33 am »
I spotted some small layout errors as well as some missing alternatives early on, but didn't think it was worth bothering about until something more came up. And that it did -- in the last few days a good number of Frommerian emails have been posted, with lots of interesting information within, so I've made a cumulative update. The inclusion of the number system alone is, I think, important enough to bump of the version figure (only a subset of the numbers are included; e.g. mevol, pxevol etc. but not mevolaw, pxevomun etc.).

I don't know if this little project of mine has been useful to anyone else, but it sure has for me; I use it all the time, and am very happy to have it. And that was its raison d'être from the start. :)

// Lance R. Casey

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2010, 03:23:36 pm »
More new words from Frommerian correspondence. Gotta leiove the guyit.

(Doesn't anyone else use Babylon...?)

// Lance R. Casey

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2010, 02:41:42 pm »
All the Frommer-verbs have now been added, together with other recently revealed tidbits. Also went back and reworked some things a bit.

// Lance R. Casey

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #5 on: May 07, 2010, 05:27:22 am »
I've been away for about a month, but I think I've now managed to track down all pieces of news that have surfaced in the meantime.

If anyone cares, that is.

// Lance R. Casey

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2010, 07:43:52 am »
thats cool, irayo
i made a hunspell-dictionary for firefox,thunderbird and OpenOffice.
it looks like babylon also supports prefixes and suffixes
if you want to add them you can have a look at the dictionary to see the rules all in one place, maybe its even convertible.

both are zip files containing nvi.dic (wordlis) nvi.aff (pfx/afx rules)

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Re: Na'vi - English Babylon dictionary
« Reply #7 on: May 07, 2010, 11:34:22 am »
fantastic for root words and even affixed words! but not so much when you pre AND suffix a word...ayeylanur for example doesnt work, but eylan and ayeylan would

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