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Puk Pxaw 'Rrta - A Book Around the Earth

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Puk Pxaw 'Rrta
A Book Around the Earth

Kaltxì ma tsmuke sì tsmukan!

The Idea

I buy a little book, write something the book and send it by post to a forum member that would like to perpetuate it.
And this then sends it on to the next... etc. E.g. from Europe --> X - has chosen you --> [you] --> Y - well-chosen member by you
Everyone can draw something in the book, glue a photo, write a text in Na'vi, still sign or simply glue a piece from a local flyer/newspaper.
Be creative! Let there be some kind of "top book".

The Rules

   ✔   If the current owner of the book is finished writing, shall he announce it with a post here.
   ✔   Even write who gets the book and to which country/region/city the book will go.
   ✔   Everyone has 4-5 pages of the book available.
   ✔   Everyone will get the book only once!
   ✔   The current owner of the book decides who gets the book as next. Just chose an active member.
   ✔   The address is exchanged via private message (PM). This keeps the whole on a private basis.
   ✔   Pays delivery of the book costs the sender.*

It would be really great, if anybody can post the delivery costs of your country here. Also if anyone found a cheaper delivery service. :)

*Please read this thread for more informations

The Book

Spoiler: A video
Idea: If the lastest three pages ot this book is reached keep it free, so Karyu Pawl can write something in. :)


I will keep a list of who has had the book and I will make a nice map: ! Large Map !


Previous book holders:

I will add the people here, who want get this book. :)

In the fact, that I'll working for a new map, a exact location isn't needed anymore. Also to reduce the cost of the delivery for this book as low as possible, it would be very helpful to know, where a member is located (not exacly!) and so a other member can see how far the well-chosen member are located (costs planning).[/color]

Nick Name   Country   State/Province        City   Who has / had the bookTìtstewan   Germany   Bayern   Neu-Ulm   ✔Eana Unil   Germany   Baden-Württemberg   Schwäbisch Hall   ✔Eichhörnchen   Germany   Hessen   --   ✔Toruk Makto   USA   Texas   Houston   ✔Tirea Aean   USA   Maryland   --   --Blue Elf   Czech Republic   --   Zlín   --`Eylan Ayfalulukanä   USA   Nevada   Reno   --eejmensenikbenhet   Netherlands   Limburg   --   --Mesireatu   Sweden   Värmland   Karlstad   --Ftiafpi   USA   Maine   Bangor   --Alyara Arati   USA   Missouri   St. Louis   --Sìkat   USA   --   --   --Tsu'tey   Germany   Nordrhein-Westfalen   --   ✔Yaknun   Germany   Nordrhein-Westfalen   Köln   ✔Vip'kan*   Germany   Nordrhein-Westfalen   --   ✔´eveng te atan   Germany   --   --   ✔Ikxeru   Germany   --   --   ✔hemmond   Czech Republic   --   Brno   --Xelloss   France   Aube   Mailly le camp   --Wokan   USA--   --   --Hahaw [hhvhhvcz]Czech Republic   --   Prag/Praha   --Tstewa IkrantsyìpAustralia   ??   ??   --TrateyGermanyNordrhein-Westfalen   ----??--??   ??   ??   --

Here we have also a Cost planning map created by Hemmond. :)

Eywa ayngahu!

Added a member to the list

Stranger Come Knocking:
Sounds like a neat idea. :) Is this a story or just like one big journal?

Like one big journal. :)

Nice project! :D
like a NotW... really.. ::)


--- Quote from: Eana Yayo on February 25, 2013, 01:27:43 pm ---Nice project! :D
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Eana Yayo on February 25, 2013, 01:27:43 pm ---like a NotW... really.. ::)
--- End quote ---
But with really big differences.


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