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Hello everyone! I'm a master of linguistics major at TAMUC and I am doing a term paper for sociolinguistics. I have chosen to explore the many motivations for learning conlangs such as Na'vi. I'd really appreciate any folks that could respond with what brought you to learn Na'vi. Has learning Na'vi grown your social network? Do you know any other conlangs? You're all awesome! Thank you in advance for anyone taking the time to read this.

For clarity, from my prospectus:

The aim of this study is to explore the sociological significance of conlangs in global and micro communities. The research will be aimed at exploring a small handful of well established and well known conlangs including (but not limited to) Esperanto and Klingon, and looking for uniting factors that led to their creation and subsequent community practice. Special attention will be given to conlangs popularized in movies, and the individuals and communities that have adopted their use.

Thanks again!

Tirea Aean:
Kaltxì! Hello! And welcome to the Learn Na'vi forums :D

We're always willing to help out the cause of science any way we can.

Regarding your questions, from my own perspective:

--- Quote ---What brought you to learn Na'vi
--- End quote ---
I started back in January 2010, more or less immediately after seeing the film in theaters. I was consumed by the beauty of it. I noticed that there was some sort of subtitled language spoken throughout, and I was very curious to see if the language was real and/or learnable. The first result on my Google Search was and this forum. I joined and threw all that I am into learning and teaching this language, and the works of this community. The rest is history, as they say.

--- Quote ---Has learning Na'vi grown your social network?
--- End quote ---
I suppose it has. There are a decent number of people whom I would never have met (online-only or otherwise) had it not been for my decision to join LN and learn the language. Like my girlfriend of over a year! :D

--- Quote ---Do you know any other conlangs?
--- End quote ---
I have look at several, but I hold mastery over none. My Na'vi is pretty decent. I have looked at Esperanto, Dothraki, toki pona (which I once had decent proficiency at when I was into it a year or two ago), Lojban, Elefen (Lingua Franca Nova), but not really Klingon or Elvish, which are usually the meme-status popular ones that people usually bring up when "conlang" is mentioned. I'm not sure why, but something about Na'vi more than any other language in this known universe has a hold on me. :D

--- Quote ---You're all awesome!
--- End quote ---
YOU're awesome! Best wishes on your research!

Welcome. I prefer to send my answers privately as a pm, so check your inbox. Good luck!

Thank you!

--- Quote from: Tirea Aean on November 07, 2019, 07:48:02 pm ---Kaltxì! Hello! And welcome to the Learn Na'vi forums :D

We're always willing to help out the cause of science any way we can.

--- End quote ---

I decided to try learning Na'vi in Apr 2017 because the worldbuilding of Avatar is something I greatly respected, and I love the idea of languages (though always had a hard time picking them up). It was mostly just a curiosity, I figured I wouldn't succeed in learning it just as I had with the several other languages I had tried prior (I took 3 years of Japanese in high school, and was okay but I lacked autonomy with it, also dabbled in Russian, Arabic, and Ancient Egyptian but never got far). Instead, I succeeded- while having fun learning and teaching Na'vi, I learned so much about linguistics, as well as how to properly learn a language in the first place. All the while interacting with a great community of like-minded folks.

I haven't learned any other conlangs, though there are a few that have caught my eye (Lojban in particular) and I would love to give Arabic another try, applying what I've learned about learning.

Speaking to the broader topic of your research, there is something I want to emphasize about conlangs, especially media conlangs, that doesn't get stated enough: I share something in common with every single person who speaks Na'vi- an interest in Avatar, obviously, but also an interest in its themes and ideas. Everyone who comes here is, by necessity, curious about learning a language not for practical reasons, but because they are drawn to it. Anyone who chooses to learn Na'vi does so out of love for the source material in some way. One cannot say this about other languages, or even some other conlangs like Esperanto. There is a very strong sense of community among Na'vi speakers, especially given how strong the themes of belonging and community are in Avatar. These values are baked into our community because they are the things that united us in the first place- curiosity, community, and growth. We are welcoming to anyone who comes in earnest with a desire to learn, because we want to share this thing that energizes us with others who would come of their own free will to do so, as we did and those before us did as well. We may not individually always get along (we're not some hive-mind  ;D ) but we do all share those uniting values.


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