An audio message for Pawl

Started by Wllìm, June 03, 2020, 03:26:29 AM

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Done editing, here is the "final" message:

We have no less than 13 speakers, in order: Txawey, Alìm Tsamsiyu, Ant, Toliman, Yayayr, Mako, Tirea Aean, Plumps, Tsyili, Wllìm, Eana Unil, Vawmataw, Neytiri. Ayngeyä srungìri irayo nìtxan nìtxan, ma frapo!

Now I still need to write the actual email :o but I'll do that tomorrow morning because it's after midnight here. So if anyone still has comments / improvements, I can still fix things tomorrow, before sending. Just let me know :)

Tirea Aean

Wou!! That came out pretty awesome!

Thanks so much for this project :D I hope KP likes it :)


Txantsan :D It's great!

Quote from: Tirea Aean on June 05, 2020, 05:48:37 PM
Thanks so much for this project :D I hope KP likes it :)
This! :)


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I just sent the message. Thanks to all who participated!


Txantsan :D I hope KP will be pleased :)


Tsaw leiu txantsan nì'aw! I hope Pawl likes it. Perhaps, he'll post it on his blog. :D

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Pawl saw my mail, but apparently couldn't open the link to the audio file due to a technical problem. I sent the file as an attachment now. To be continued ;)


Ah, let's hope now it will work :)


Pawl liked it! :D He asked me to share the following message with all of you:

Quote from: Pawl
Ma eylan,

Yìlmuneie oel ayngeyä stä'nìpamit soka tsapostìyä oeyä. Lora fìstxeliri atìtstunwinga' seiyi oe irayo nìtxan. Fìtìslan a ta lì'fyaolo' awngeyä oeru teya si, ma smuk. Oeri fula stawm ayngey aymokriti 'olaku tskxet apxay ftumfa txe'lan.

Krrka fayhrr angäzìk, fula lu awngar li'fyaolo' a släpan fìtsap tseyä ayhapxìtu nìwotx, oeti nitram sleyku nìtxan.

Irayo nìmun, ma eylan, ulte Eywa livu awngahu.

ta Pawl


That is nice message! I am glad that he liked it :D :D


Glad to hear he liked it and apparently it helped him during a very rough time.


:o Txoa livu oer!
I completely forgot and haven't been on my laptop in the past days. :-X
A thousand times ngaytxoa! I'm glad that you were able to resolve it, but ashamed that I forgot so easily.
It remains a great gesture!


These things happen, don't worry about it! (And sorry from my side for spamming you ;) )