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I have just begun putting together a DIY textbook that will eventually include everything that is available online and from the film, I may try and get in contact with Frommer himself for input but for the time being I will post each chapter rough draft so that you can all edit, critique, comment or even use it if it you feel it is at that point. This textbook is written for the average reader who wants to learn to speak Na'vi and will not include any more linguistic terms or analysis than necessary. If you have any requests on how you would like a textbook like this to be put together, what it is should include/ how it should be structured I would love to hear from you.


Eywayä mokri:
Not a bad idea. :)

Do we have to buy the workbook to go with it?

Eywayä mokri:
It seems that it could be nice but it will be a huge project....

I don't plan on publishing so for the time being its free. In the event that the book is received well and widely I may consider publishing a much more refined version. Even if I did end up publishing I'm sure the book would be VERY cheap. I am not sure what the copyright legality on all of this is and everything but I've e-mailed Frommer and I'm sure that that will come up.


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