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Fmawn ta 'Rrta: The first newspaper... in Na'vi only.

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--- Quote from: Plumps on September 14, 2014, 03:47:31 pm ---I tried to ask Pawl about it on the blog but never got a response.
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This would be a good little question for the LEP, kefyak? :)


--- Quote from: Wllìm on September 14, 2014, 03:23:21 pm ---+1 for the idea, and for the Na'vi interface that is already on the site  :D

If I (or others) want to contribute an article, how would you like to handle that? Just PM the article to you when it's ready? Or discuss the topic beforehand?

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PM me if you want to contribute.

As for ayfmawn, it's fixed.

Tirea Aean:
What kind of news will be the specialty here? Or will it be All news ever? :D

There is no speciality. :)

Btw, the first news has been published. :)
Please note: The link has been updated to ''''.


--- Quote ---Fìtseng kan fmawnit piveng ayngaru nìNa'vi nì'aw.
Txo ayngal tsive'a kxeyeyt fu nivew pamrel sivi fmawnur, rutxe piveng oeru.

Hapxìtul olo'ä alu Islamic State 3vea tutet tspolang
14°16vea (vofuvea) trr vospxìyä a911°ve (avolawve) -
Olo'ìl alu Islamic State poleng fmawnta tute ta Tsawla Priteynä (Great Britain)alu David Haines tolerkup talun hapxìtul pot tspolang. Fa rel arusikx fkol wolìntxu fìtutanit.
Olo'eyktan Tsawla Priteynä alu David Cameron poltxe san Ayfo ke lu ayhapxìtu fìolo'ä alu Muslims ki aysìkawng (nì'ìnglìsì monsters) sìk. Poanìl sla'tsu fìtutet alu David Haines na txantstew. Olo'eyktan new fivewi (nì'ìnglìsì hunt down) sutet a tspolang pot.
Tute alu David Haines lu pum a3ve a tolerkup talun fìolo' alu Islamic State.
--- End quote ---
As for state's name, this thread could be very useful:
All States - nìNa'vi

I think, it's confusing to use decimal numbers in a na'vi text. :S

A description code line like:
Abbreviation eg or acronym SMF (move your mouse over the underlined lettes)
...would be useful? :-\

I took a look at the original source you have linked. There are alot of words which let burn my brain regarding translating it in Na'vi. :o


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