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Translations #2 (own transcript)
« on: December 24, 2009, 05:13:02 pm »
I also atempt to translate and rewrite na'vis language to eh .. best form that I heard. I add also backgrnoud speak. This is best that Ive got. Im on first 45 minutes of movie. (it goes slow), I have a hmm .. audio memory (maybe sign of love to music games and bemani ;)). So, there it is. Maybe it will be usefull to someone. just let me know I may continue, or if its waste of time.


39:08 aiv sauv-tu-te / you are like a baby
39:27 ke he(i) / go back

39:48 ka-na    / no
      ru -e...
      atuki rina / seeds of secret tree

40:54 .. ou (e)ia

41:39 taunai / ?die - ?stop

mau-e na P*ia  maue (*od V or B) / subtitles
42:00 ma tsu-tei kem p(v)esin-a / subtitles
42:02 i porte-pi tseni luk-an / subtitles
42:09 amu-i ana lu
      sa ki-ku te el i-lu

42:17 za-mu-mni / subtitles

ma ke te
ma to ko /? let'go, let's ride

? mar
? mar-tuk
? ek-tak-(m)u
? iei-les
? sem se-u son
? lu
? porta-nu
? porpe-su
? jan
? poka-mu
? ser ten-u
? iika

43:42 ma-sem-blu / father
ve(i) natika meju / i see you

43:556 vis u rat-e ngan pe lu - ma lun ma nge ptsen / why you get him here
44:02 ul bu tspi-i jan / i want to tell you
      ta kuurza vuomini-ja-ta eywa / i see sing of Eywa

44:08 pote-ve  sanse-i ne kenu-a tu raň-ju kel-si-vu p-teyi/ I told you not

to take them those one ..
44:14 ke t(e) peyi fo heiyu akimu / his smell .. my nose ;)

44:25 sa (?stop)
      ge-he  / no

44:28 s-das vi ra ti lo nu  /? get out from him
a-ňá vi turi-vik  /? i want to see him closer
f ket t vout Ti f'ouls tii wells ti of au /? i want to see him closer


45:32 san s-ju pa / warior ?
uo tsuo ets be va eft tue / I dont se those yet..
te-he / no

te-pulo (v)AL v-e -- un-el t(u) raň-ju t-sal tsi ju / we prefer words before

et tsoe ou ral

pure ou l-kan ra lu-te-ken a nu ma nu-ul / maybe it will be usefull

45:48 ma-i-te / dauter
omňeia fia orlí-s se li mná sa si-li vi puru / you will learn him our customs
f teci pun vil von-téj si ti vi ran naj n-vej / you will have him on order

(you will lead him)

wa run bi-i mnu / why me
kel-u mi-a ... / its unfear  

kor poleo kór / it is desided

46:20 (fire, sing)
a-ja-ká to
sa-kei-a ká to

46:56 (sleep time)
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