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Upgrading atokirina' lamp from Toruk (and Disney)

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Last year I saw Toruk show and... their merchandise store. Atokirina' lamp immediately catch my eyes. So I bought one, same as many of You.
(this applies to atokirina' lamp from ACE - Disney's Pandora as well)

But there's one small problem. Original lamp use rather standard RGB module that cycle color through whole spectrum of the rainbow. Imagine red and orange atokirina'  :(  oh wait, I don't need to imagine that  :facepalm:

So I as electronic engineer tried to solve this issue, and even add a bit of magic to my lamp.

Yeah, much better with white backlight and ability to mix a bit of RGB color to it 8)
I know, my project is pricey and probably overkill for the task, but I have fun making it and like to share my findings with You.
Feel free to follow my instructions or modify this project, as whole source code have to be freely available on github. (Once I finish the code. Right now i finished first hardware section.)

This project is planned to have 7 parts.

* Theory of operation
* Hardware selection
* Software requirements
* Wiring diagram and mechanical assembly
* First run (test firmware)
* Final version (my version) of the firmware
* Improve me - place for future ideas, if anyone like to duplicate this projectAt the moment I already finished hardware section (chapters 1-5) and take photo of every step. Sadly, describing that takes me longer than expected, especially when Discord brings up an interesting topic. So please be patient and feel free to ask any questions.

P.S. Please do not post this tutorial on other channels. Give me chance to post it officially after I finish all 6 chapters.

Open base of atokirina' lamp. Remove both red LEDs (red and orange). Solder single cold-white LED at that place. DONE. Your lamp no longer makes the atokirina' red.

It looks great :)

I hope that you will be successfull with this upgrade :)

Chapter 1. A bit of theory.

* What's the best light source?
- LED of course  :D
But there are so many types available...

To clarify things, there are 3 main types of LEDs used in all sort of illumination projects.
[2] RGB gives ability to mix basic Red, Green and Blue to get almost any color, except nice white.
[6] White. IMHO gives far better light than mix of basic Red, Green and Blue. But lack of color.
[4] RGBW is a combination of both worlds. Nice white and ability to add colors. My choice, but fell free to choose cheaper RGB.
However LEDs require drivers. To simplify my build I choose most popular LED drivers available on the market - anything compatible with WS2811.
[1] Spare driver, silicone chip inside plastic enclosure. It's name is WS2811. Not recommended
[3] This is WS2812 - combination of driver and RGB LED in single package. Recommended if You choose RGB verson.
[4] RGBW version is called SK6812, My choice, more expensive than RGB but still compatible with standard.
[5] WWA version - newest, expensive, but very nice version. Single package combines cold white, warm white and orange.
* What's the best way to drive LEDs?
- Digital soul.
Simple resistors can be used to set light intensity of any number of LEDs. But static mix of colors is boring. Analog circuit allows dynamic color changes, but even simple fade in/out circuit is rather complex. Also any change in circuit require soldering. Not so user-friendly. Simple digital chips doesn't add much possibilities. That's why I choose microprocessor. Thrust me, these days microprocessors are small, powerful and easy to use. Especially after Arduino comes to mainstream.
* One LED, two LEDs... but how much LEDs You really need?
In basic version, You need 1, 2, 3 or 4 LEDs (depend light power You expect) to replace original original light module and something to drive them. However small hole located on top of the base makes me wonder, what would happened it I add more LEDs, shine at the atokirina' on an angle and move the light source around? Can I add a bit movement to that sad, frozen (static) atokirina'? Sure I can  8) Here's my idea (quick draft) and first test.

Isn't that wonderful?
So that's the real starting point for my project. Make my atokirina' moving a bit and add ability to choose any color I like, excluding illegal ones.

Bonus chapter.
I check viewing angle of that engraving technique. Turns out, it's directional!
With bottom illumination:;id=9098
With side illumination:;id=9099
Please note black strip painted on the surface.

It looks great on these videos :) I would like to have one piece too!


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