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Weekly Voice Chat Meetups on our LN Discord Server


Eana Unil:
Kaltxì seiyi ayngar oe ma smuk :)

It has been decided that we wanna meet every week in our LN Discord Server voice chat to have some loose conversations and discussions on Na'vi and this and that, so that we all get to speak and practice more.

Ima quote Pamìrìk's post on this from Discord:

--- Quote [email protected]
We will be hosting our first weekly Voice Chat meetup this weekend! The goal is to practice both speaking and listening in Na'vi and to encourage more voice channel usage!

WHEN: Saturday AND Sunday from 18:00 - 22:00 UTC*
WHERE: Right here, in the Tìpängkxo voice channel
WHO: All of you!

Part of what will make these weekly meetings a success is having topics to talk about! While we are ok with helping out learners and answering questions, ideally we would like to use this time to just hang out and chat it up! If you have an idea for a topic of discussion, please bring it up in our newest channel- #ultxa-frakintrra. This channel is for discussions relating to the weekly meetup, or for those who cannot speak to participate in the voice channels via text.

*: Please check your timezone. Common Conversions:

Alternatively, this will countdown to our first meeting on Saturday:
--- End quote ---

Come one, come all and chat with us! :)

If you haven't joined our wonderful Discord Server yet, down below in my signature is a link to it:

I second this, come join us! We would be excited to have you!

I attended on Saturday evening and I have to say it was a lot of fun. It will be more fun if more people come and if this becomes a regular thing. As long as there is a bit of Na’vi spoken to get used to hearing and using it, I’m all in ;)

I may jump in now and then, I'm always lurking on discord anyway, but never getting engaged in any of the discussions. So hopefully joining in will help that move along a bit more. Disclaimer: Saturday evenings are the only free evenings I have in any regular week so I might just watch some Netflix and jump into bed.  :-\ :facepalm:


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