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yet another keyboard layout
« on: February 18, 2010, 06:44:53 pm »

Somewhat unhappy with what those who came before me offered, I decided to make my own keyboard layout for Na’vi. It is based off of the standard US English keyboard (NOT the US - International). The great thing (for me) about this one is that it uses 2-key combos for the most frequent chars, so it is in fact more convenient to use than the Int'l one.

ä = RAlt + a
ì = RAlt + i
Ä = RAlt + Shift + a
(i.e. Shift + ä)
Ì = RAlt + Shift + i (i.e. Shift + ì)

On top of those, I've included a shortcut for the Na’vi apostrophe (which it is not, but I like to use it, anyway).

’ = RAlt + ' (i.e. RAlt + standard apostrophe)

Oh yeah, this one's for Windows 2000 or better (according to the program I created it with.) I am using it with XP, and it works fine.

Installation: Unpack the zip file. Run setup.exe. Wait. Enjoy! :D

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. No support, no warranty, yada-yada.

edit: If you'd like a version of this for your fave layout, you can try asking me nicely. :D
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