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A question about pronouncing ‘oe’

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Utran Tävìtitan:
Having rechecked in NeotrekkerZ’s ‘Na’vi in a Nutshell’ and in Annis’s ‘Horen Lì’fyayä leNa’vi’, (both excellent BTW,) I’m still unsure about the oe pronunciation rules.

My current understanding is that in conversational speech, we say ‘oh-eh’ when oe is at the end of a word, and ‘weh’ otherwise. Exceptions are the pronouns moe and pxoe, which retain ‘oh-eh’ even with suffixes added.

Annis appears to say ‘weh’ occurs for pronouns only, whereas NeotrekkerZ implies this is a general rule.


1) Have I got the basic rule right?

2) Is ‘weh’ for pronouns only or for all words?

Somewhere on the  forum I’ve read that Na’vi is best learned by practicing out loud. So true – that’s how I realized I had an issue here.


Lance R. Casey:
Check out the canon source.

Utran Tävìtitan:
Irayo Lance. All clear now.  :)  'Weh' is just for pronouns, except maybe it creeps in unofficially elsewhere.


'Oma Tirea:
Sran, "oe" is only a diphthong (I never say it as "weh") only with suffixes.  There is also the word oeyk which follows a similar principle.  However I sometimes might say oe alone or with prefixes as a diphthong in fast, casual speech, and in slow, formal speech, I always separate the diphthong into its parts: "oh" and "eh", even with a suffix attached.

So... " oe " as in "I"...
Is pronounced "weh"? Or "Oh-Eh" (o-eh)?


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