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Ulivi Mari'tsey Mak'dini'to:
Hi, just a quick question about the pronunciation of the Na'vi 'i' letters.

According to the picture thing, the 'i' with the accent thing on it is pronounced "ee" and the one with the accent (sorry, I don't know how to type it), is pronounced like the "i" in "thin".  But according to the dictionary the word "Tsahìk" the "i" in it has the accent over it and should be pronounced like it would in "thin" but in the movie "Tsahìk" is pronounced: "tsah-heek".

Can someone elaborate on this please?


Merely one example of actors’ pronunciation that deviates from ‘standard’ Na’vi ;)
As was said in an interview, they had other things to worry about than the correct pronunciation of the invented language ;)

It is indeed supposed to be tsahìk with a short i.

Btw, you can type the ì by pressing on the button line above the smileys. There, ä and ì can be selected. ;)


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