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Phonetics and Phonology

Na’vi has 20 consonants, 7 vowels, 4 diphthongs, and 2 syllabic “pseudovowels,” rr and ll.

 ( ’ ) tìFtang, A, AW, AY, Ä, E, EW, EY, Fä, Hä, I, Ì,

KeK, KxeKx, LeL, ’Ll, MeM, NeN, NgeNg, O, PeP, PxePx,

ReR, ’Rr, Sä, TeT, TxeTx, Tsä, U, Vä, Wä, Yä, Zä

Na’vi      IPA       Literal      Approximate English Example‘ʔ“uh-oh”aaaah“father”äæahh“cat”, “pack”awawaou“noun”ayajeye“eye”, “fly”tst͡stSS“cats”eɛeh“then”ewɛwEh-w“Beowulf”eyɛjaey“hey”ffff“fool”ngŋnng“sing”, ”lungs”hhhh“ham”iiee“machine”, “prestige”ìɪiih“thin”, “bit”kkk’“skill”, ”escape”llll“left”, “bell”llḷlll“table”mmmm“man”, “ham”nnnn“no”, “tin”oooh“mow”, ”old”ppp’“spin”, ”happy”rɾrrdMore inforrṛtrtrtrStrongly trilled “r”ssss“see”, “city”ttt’“still”, ”plastic”uuoou“dude”vvvv“voice”, “have”www’“we”txtʼMore infokxkʼMore infopxpʼMore infoyjy’“yes”zzzz“zoo”

Spoiler: Original post from March 16, 2010, 09:20:29 pmATTENTION: The following image is somewhat outdated.
This link right here links to a great video on pronouncing each letter.

Work so far.  Feedback welcome and encouraged.

I'll keep updating as I go along.

For strict IPA ay should be [aj] and ey [ɛj].

Also, the voiceless stops are unaspirated, which means that "skill" is a better English match than "kill," since English tends to aspirate initial voiceless stops.

noted, Irayo!

Maybe change your Idiot column header to Skxawng, otherwise looking good...

This is an awesome start.  ;D  For ng, do you mean glottal stop like Frommer described, or is heavy rear of throat something else here? :)  Irayo!


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