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Consonants table confusion.



I am a bit confused with the consonants table on the Phonetics page, as I don't quite understand it. I don't know if that's just my stupidity or have I missed something? Please help.

Could you be more specific?

I don't understand the table, I don't know how I can be more specific about that.

Karyu Amawey:
If you're referring to the chart that lists the consonants with such terms like Plosive, Ejective, Fricatives, etc, those are just classifications and locations for where in the mouth they are produced.  For instance, our b sound is a voiced bilabial plosive, because we vibrate our vocal folds, use our lips to produce it, and it is a burst of compressed air.

in addition, the letters in brackets after the consonant references the International Phonetic Alphabet, for pronunciation. 


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