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Celtic Warrior Witch:
 :D How do you pronounce this word? tireaioang. Does uppercase/lowercase affect pronunciation? Like it does in Klingon? ???

I can see the audio section. Also this page is useful if you want to know how the Na'vi letters sound: http://tirea.learnnavi.org/posts/2013-03-23-sounds.html

And, I believe, this thread should be here: Pronunciation / Phonetics (And there are also some useful sticky threads). ;)

The IPA of "tireaioang"

EDIT: It's not really like Klingon.


--- Quote ---Does uppercase/lowercase affect pronunciation?
--- End quote ---
In no way. There is no uppercase letter in the middle of any word, unlike in Klingon.

--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on January 06, 2015, 04:37:41 pm ---[ti.ˈɾɛ.a.i.o.aŋ]

--- End quote ---
Rather. ;)


All the explanation cannot replace a sound sample … c’mon, guys, speak up! ;D

So, this the mp3 attached is me pronouncing it twice slow and twice a bit faster. Hope that helps. ;)
There are uppercase appearances in Na’vi but they do not affect the pronunciation of a word. It’s just an orthographic convention, e.g. leNa’vi is still the same pronounced as if it were lena’vi or Lena’vi ;)

--- Quote ---The IPA of "tireaioang"
--- End quote ---

Actually, there is secondary stress: [ti.ˈɾɛ.a.i.ˌo.aŋ]
At least, that’s what I took from this post back in the day…

edit: mp3 added.

Alyara Arati:
I hope it's only me, but I can't hear the sound example. :(  It says I'm not authorized. ???


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