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How would you say Eat you food please in Na'vi?
I thought maybe it would be Yom ngeyä wutso rutxe Am I right or wrong?

Also would Go hunt the hexapede please be Ngal kä taron yerikit and is
Everyone hunt the Sturmbeast Ma frapol taron si talioangit

Help would be greatly appretiated.

Irayo ma frapo :)
Thank you everyone

Tirea Aean:
Very close!

Yom ngeyä wutsoti rutxe -- you just forgot the -ti (or -t) case.

Yeah, I'd say it sounds more like a command without the Ngal on that second one.

the third one, I'd say:

Ma frapo, taron talioangit.

you were VERY close on all these. :D

Irayo ma Tirea Aean! :)
Thank you Spirt Blue!
This helped a lot thanks :) I only have one question though, I thought taron would have to have a si with it because the subject in the sentence was doing something. Like lrrtok si or tsap'alute si Is it only certain verbs that have to have si with it? ???

Taronyu Leleioae:
The quick answer, is that only some verbs have been created with the auxiliary verb si.

But here is more about these "si" verbs...

Sometimes a noun has come first into approved use, and then by adding the auxiliary "si" afterwards, it becomes a useful verb.  However one cannot just do this to any noun.  This verb creation has to be submitted through the LEP and approved.  

Some examples:

eltu (brain) > eltu si (to pay attention)
nari (eye) > nari si (to watch out, to be careful)
pamrel (writing) > pamrel si (to write)

Some extra things to know about these special "si" verb constructions...
Instead of the usual -t(i), -it endings for objects with transative verbs,
With "si" verbs, the objects take the dative -r(u), -ur endings.  You can usually think of treating "si" verbs as intransitive.
Also..., instead of putting infixes in the main word (nari), you put the infixes inside the "si" part.

This auxiliary "si" verb might make you think of "to do" or "to make".  But it's just an attached part of the word.  You cannot use "si" by itself.  There are other verbs for "to make", "to create", etc...

There are many more other verbs that do not use "si" such as yom, taron, and nume!

Irayo ma Taronyu Leleioae, -face palm-  ;D I get it now! xD Irayo! :)  :D

Oel Ngati kameie to both of you   :)


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