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Na'vi fun-to-say practice sentences

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'Oma Tirea:
Edited the case markings.  Good catch...


--- Quote from: Sxkxawng alu 'Oma Tirea on September 01, 2010, 06:01:01 pm ---Tute lu tete ulte tute lu teng.  Tute lu tute te tupe?

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Na'vi tonguetwister!  :D

Tirea Aean:

--- Quote from: Sxkxawng alu 'Oma Tirea on November 02, 2010, 01:13:20 am ---Note to mods: this thread has radically changed and may need to be moved (I would recommend to http://forum.learnnavi.org/pronunciation-phonetics/ if a mod wants to move it)

/BUMP ::)

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Lance R. Casey:
Constructing such things is a bit of a hobbytsyìp of mine, in any language (including Klingon). Here're some I have for Na'vi:

'Eoioa meoauniaeaeo oe 'ieia

Ikranay nìngay tswayayon ayfayfyavay ahay hayalo

Nì'i'a hì'ia tì'i'a a'a'aw 'i'a

Tse sre sìsrese'a tsre'i sre'it uo 'uo a äo 'ä'o

'Oma Tirea:
Added most of yours and some more ;D


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