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I was just wondering if anyone has already done a simple breakdown of the phonetics of how to say the Na'vi words.

I am someone who strugles with language somewhat, I often miss pronounce even English words, but the Na'vi language caught my imagination in the film, especially when it mentioned "I see you" not being just I physically see you but being something much deeper, the Na'vi lifestyle and culture represents something I could never attain, living in peace and harmony with the land and their beliefs.
I currently live on the bleeding edge of Technology, (even having a stereoscopic pc setup) but I would give anything to travel to Pandora and live the culture as Jake does and try the complete opposite.

As such, the language is so highly tied in with this and I would like to learn it, or at least some phrases. Perhaps a community effort to take the words, then common phrases and put them down as written phonetics with even a sound bank with the words and phrases said by someone who can read the Lexicon as it is.

My scribblings down looking through clips of the movie I think

English > Na'vi > Phonetic with explaination > Phonetic
I see you > Oel ngati kameie > oel (said like noel without the n (easier to say it was "well" without emphasising the W) nya (said like gnatt extending the n removing the t's) tee kaa mey > oel nyatee kaame

I made a sound recording, apparently I have an incredibly strong English accent so you may hear that but hopefully the phrase is said correctly. If needed I can arrange some webspace to host these files for everyone to use.


Is that right?

Many thanks

I'm pretty sure you're missing a syllable in kameie, specifically the last e

How would I go about adding that extra syllable in? by just forcing another e at the end such as kaame-ei with the dash finishing where I finish in the sound file, then just adding the "ei" sound onto the end?

I think I got it in this one.


Or maybe I didn't? But something like this where people like myself who learn by repatition repatition repatition it would be invaluble :)

Take a listen to this interview.  It should help.

I am working on a simple breakdown at the moment so keep an eye out, I will post it when I think its ready.

The only major problem I noticed with your pronunciation was in the last word kameie.
Whenever you have a large group of vowels they should flow together quite smoothly but the e is pronounced like the e in "then", and the i as the "ea" in eat. i is never pronounced like the i in "igloo". so the eie should be pronounced something like eh-ee-eh but don't separate them, flow. If it's just kame, then make sure you pronounce the e like I said and you should be ok.


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