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Question about " ä "


I have a question about pronouncing " ä ". Is there
an exception to its pronunciation in "oeyä" where it seems to be pronounced as " Ay ", as in "stay," "way," etc. opposed to everywhere else where its pronounced as "aah(?)" as in "Cat", "Sat" "Bat" etc...
I'm using Dict-Navi as my source which sites Dr. Frommer as source for both.

Tirea Aean:
ä should always be the sound as in:

"Jack in fact had tattoos that had bad bats and fat cats in hats."

Disclaimer: the above works only if you're a certain type of American. If you are from London or something, those are actually [a], the regular Na'vi a. Confusing, but that's how these things go over text.

That sound, 100% of the time. Some people have some slight issues pronouncing this sound and some people show a slight accent from their native language speaking Na'vi when this sound is made so there is some variation across our community depending on what one's first language is and if that sound is in that language often or at all.

Have you seen this?


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