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Kaltxì ma ayharyu,

Lì'upamìri pamrelviyä omum oel fya'ot, slä li'upamìri aylì'uyä ke nìngay.
In Spanish, they say a word like this: reloj or camión. Do Na'vi say a word like this way too (example: mawey)? How do you pronunce the words?

Aysì'eyngìri ayngeyä irayo!

Sorry, I don't fully understand your question... Is it about the stress of a word? Na'vi has that, for example:

Fpìl oel futa lì'fya leNa'vi lu lor nìwotx.

It is just like in English:

I consider the Na'vi language to be beautiful. *

This is indicated in the dictionary, for example for ikran in the pronunciation it says ˈik.ɾan. The little ˈ mark indicates the syllable with stress, so it is ikran, not ikran.

Is this what you meant?

I just want to know how to pronunce the syllables, the word. :)
What is a stress?

I think, a good way to find out how to pronounce words are listening Frommers audio examples from Na'viteri.


Mawfwa zup tompa, lu ngoa atxan fìhapxìmì na'rìngä.
1st syllable of words (principal word when there is a prefix). Am I right?


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