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''Unreleased'' consonnants

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Tirea Aean:
Irayo ma Kame for expanding upon this! :)

--- Quote from: Kame Ayyo’koti on August 20, 2015, 10:28:35 am ---This is a very different way of speaking than English, so it will probably seem really weird.

--- End quote ---
Not really, cuz I do this and many people around me do this too. If I were to say, "I dunno bout that", both of those ending "t"s are exactly like in Na'vi. And if I say " Take a break." The k in take is unaspirated (no air puff) and only released to blend in to the next word since it starts with a vowel just like in Na'vi and the k at the end of break is unreleased like in Na'vi.  However, when words begin with t, I tend to aspirate it (puff of air) unlike in Na'vi. Some (US?) English speakers are really used to this stuff and some are not, I guess.


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