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Ever heard of the radio scare of the 1920's cause by War of the Worlds? Ever listened to the Radio Drama put out by the BBC about Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Or have you ever listened to a audio book? If you have, then you've got a good idea what's going on here. If not, allow me to explain.
Audio Drama according to Mr. Wikipedia.

If that's not enough, an Audio Drama is a dramatization of a work of fiction,or non-fiction, via audio mediums. Think of a movie, but without all the visuals. All you hear is a a great story told from the perspective of the microphone.

I, along with a few other, have been working on putting together an audio drama with the intent of putting in on the Avatar Podcast done by Kaltxì Palulukan. More info regarding the podcast can be found here: Radio Avatar!

This particular project contains an entirely original storyline. Also, it is a tangent from the normal Avatar fanctions where they be, "OLOLOOL I R AVTR'd DrIvEr!". No, this particular storyline will touch upon an aspect of the Avatar universe that wasn't all too much visited. Set in the Avatar Universe, it will folow not the Na'vi , nor present yet another story to be ridiculed as "Dances with Wolves" copy in terms of a human becoming a Na'vi. This story will follow the lives of a few human beings as they experience life on another planet, and come to terms with some very emotional and scarring times in their lives. Will they find the hope they were looking for on a new world? Will they come to see life in a new way? Or will they just fall back on their old selves?

Casting Call
I need a few people to help out on this project. If you want in, understand that this will require a sense of professionalism. Meaning, you will be to recordings that you commit to, you will be on time, items that need to be submitted will be done in an efficient manner, just to name a few. I understand that real-life does take precedence. Yet, this is something that will require some heart.

Male Scientist (Re-Occurring Leading Role): Filled
Male Army Person (Re-occurring Supporting): filled
Scientist Sister (Supporting): Filled
Stewardess (Minor Supporting Role): Filled
Shuttle Pilot (Minor Supporting Role): Filled
Air Traffic Controller (Minor Supporting Role): Filled
ISV Technician (Minor Supporting Role): Filled

Voice Actors
Looking for both Female and Male voice actors. This requires you to have a microphone, access to Teamspeak, and the program Audacity for audio recordings. If you are at all interested but are unsure about your voice and/or voice acting skills, post here anyways. We will work with you if we think that you have what we need. Post here with your times/days you are available during the week., including your Timezone. Also, we are looking for both supporting and leading roles, so if you have an interest in either, please specify.

Audio Editing
I have an audio editor but I think we are going to need at least 2 for this project. The more hands the lighter the work. If you have any audio editing skills or previous audio Drama work, please post here. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Also, any experience in working with sound effects and mixing the sound effects is much preferred.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, this is what I need to see from you in a post:
Screen Name:
First Name (optional):
Days available:
Times Available (include timezone):
Part you are interested in:
Do you have Teamspeak?:
Do you have Audacity?:
Do you have a Headset/Microphone?:
Are you committed to this?:

You must have this in your post to be considered. I will contact you once I see all requirements met.

ALSO, We already have Writers and Directors for this. so we really won't be needing any of those.

Once again, all help is appreciated. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them here. Thanks again and we hope to make this somthing you will want listen to.

USEFUL LINKS (* means required):
Teamspeak Server info: IP:  Port: 9987

LAME plugin for Audacity!*

I'll dooez it, depending on how you're planning on doing recording. Let me knoez on TS.

Tirea Aean:
Sounds like a cool idea. I'm probably not going to be a part of it because I am not the Drama/Acting type tho I appreciate drama and acting. I will be keepin tabs and listening to it tho. :)

Col Quaritch:
put me down for you know who :D

First post updated with actual parts. PLEASE POST which part you would be interested. Note these are for, mostly, just the first episodes. More parts will come up as more and more episodes come around.


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