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Nice video, little drawn out in parts, but nice.

Although I have to agree that the proportions in which Humanities affects on natures are a tad bit off. The Earth can easily take a lot more punishment than we give her credit for. Sites of complete devastation, warzones, and places of great forest fire begin to recover at an amazing rate. In a particular gulf in North Africa, more oil is spilled every year that was spilled in the recent Mexican gulf incident, and yet sea life still flourishes there.

Yes, we may be over extending our reach, taking more than we need, and abusing the resources that are allotted to us here on the earth. Yet, the Earth -can- take a lot more than we give her credit for. And, the majority of people are more willing to care for the environment than we also give credit towards too.

Some of the video is very true , but going back in time, and I assume you mean living off the land like native peoples, would be an issue with the "huge" global population ,I think the trick is to flip this in the mirror and Go fowared with very advanced technoligy and that wont force change of lifestyle , but greatly reduces the waste generated and energy used so each person would have far less global impact. In Avatar Jake stated "they killed there mother and they are going to do the same thing here" this is a very strong warning we should all listen to, but in reality humans are much more fragile then the many of earths simple creatures if we refuse to act on our issues it will likey result in epic conflicts over control of limited resources (that will reduce the global population in its outcome the hard way and of course cause its own damage) our people need to understand and reconnect with the facts we are all accountabe for the costs of our actions. I think the big question is how can we present a future where people "see" the true costs of our actions and act as a people to address the issues "head on" facing the facts that we can't use 1.5 earths resources, We have lost our connection and respect of the earth , something native peoples have been trying to tell us for generations, there not sugesting we go back into the forest if we tryed in mass we would simply wipe the limited wildlife from the land ,I have a lot of respect for people trying to drive global change and feel every voice matters humanity faces some serious questions
and the NaVi groups unique view on the world lets them often see and feel issues from there heart. if everyone thought this way (including goverment) our enviromental issues would solve themselves.


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