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Astral Projection: Gateway to Other Worlds

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Tsawla Eltu Tsamsiyu:
I'm back and better than ever! Forgive me for not posting in such a long time, but believe me when I say it hurt me more than it hurt you. Anyway, I've been running down the path of self discovery all this time and I have found many an interesting thing. One of those things I have spent so much time learning about (but not actually being able to learn) is Astral Projection. Luckily I have found someone who can teach me. There are some interesting points about Astral Projection that I would like to talk about. I have seen many a post about Lucid Dreaming and turning your dreams into whatever you want. The same is true about Astral Projection, except that you don't necessarily have to make it yourself, or so I've learned. I will have to find out on my own in the next few weeks, but I had heard many people (who have projected) say that, on the Astral Plane, everything you think is real. All that you can think of becomes real on the Astral Plane. That means that thanks to all the hard work by Cameron, everyone who worked on the movie(s)/games(s)/other media, and of course all the dedicated members of, and everyone who at least thought about it, there is a Pandora on the Astral Plane. All the Na'vi are there as well and you can interact with them in your Astral State, or Form (if what I've heard is true, which it may not be). I do not know if that is all a lie or if it is at least true in part. My instructor has never tried going farther than her own bedroom, but I will. I start my "classes" in a couple days. When I feel comfortable I will attempt to find paradise. I will share my knowledge and discoveries with the rest of you who want to learn. If it is successful, then we can gain much knowledge from the Na'vi "themselves." If it fails.... Wish me luck.

Good luck to you indeed!

Everyone has their own ways of appreciating Avatar - learning the language, starting a tribe, and in your case going a step further and really trying to get into that world. I wish you well on your journey - often, a person's greatest mystery is that inside their own soul, and I feel that you will find out much as you learn.

As for learning from the Na'Vi themselves, I look forward to your feedback - while physical skills may not be transferable (forgive me if I am wrong, I have never even attempted astral projection), how you truly "see" the world around you may be changed forever.

But remember - don't get lost in the dream. As wonderful as it seems, in the words of Jake Sully "sooner or have to wake up". Make sure you draw the line between dream and reality.
Keep us posted on your progress - who knows, you might find a location this way  ;)...

Tsyal Maktoyu:
Good luck! I've been working on Astral Projection myself, and from what I have experienced, I'd say it's very real! ;D I've had a few good cases of remote viewing, too, while meditating ("saw" the clock with my back turned, and then confirmed the time with my iPhone! ;D). I haven't managed to go very far yet (only within the room), but I'm working on it.

Though be prepared for what you might encounter, both while leaving your body and while on the plane (dark energies, etc). I have a tendency to project violently. I basically get shoved/ripped out of my body. Be prepared for something that intense. Though believe me, it's worth it. ;)

I don't know about you but my fascination with astral projection started with my interest in auric manipulation. Many people know about healing with it, (chios healing) but I took it a step further and started learning to use it to manipulate other thing besides healing, but anyway, I have found only one draw back to astral projection:a single change to ur material body, be it temp, getting hit, etc will fling u back to it faster than a rocket. And that can be VERY disorientating. I personally have never tried doing it and staying on earth. I kind of....skipped that part. I can conjure and control anything when projected, location, creatures, events, but the slightest lapse in concentration and bang. Your back and feel very messed up. Balance problems, feel still kind of detached, sore, etc.

Any updates on this? It looks to be a very interesting prospect that I for one am completely interested in. May the Earth Mother guide you on your travels, not only here, but in other planes as well ^_^



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