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Climate research on states in U.S

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Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
Very good find, Meuiama Tsamsiyu :)

Irayo ;)

Niri Te:
 I agree with Turok Makto about the climate of Washington State, where I lived, 60 miles north of Spokane in the mountains for 2 years, before I moved to American Samoa. OeyƤ lora yawnetu and I have property in the mountains of southern New Mexico that is 45 minutes by air from our "Sky Ranch" in the high desert of far west Texas. The mountain property is half a mile from a small municipal airstrip, and is covered in 200 foot tall Ponderosa Pines, where, when the temperature at our "Sky Ranch" is 102, the temperature at our mountain place is 75 degrees, so it is actually a bit COOLER in the summer than it was in north east Washington State where I lived. If you get up into the mountains, it is far easier for those that are new to wilderness living to not only "make it", but to actually ENJOY themselves doing it.
 My place in Washington State taken from an aircraft. is below.
Niri Te

I will add this to the site as soon as I have a minute. I have got so many things to add.


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