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Climate research on states in U.S

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Seze Mune:
Most municipalities in the US have an official Comprehensive Development Plan; as you sort out likely areas and narrow it down to your best few choices, make sure that you investigate their plans for development.

It would not be good to buy a piece of property only to find out later that a part of the area might be annexed for an expressway, or might be claimed by "imminent domain" for commercial development or landfills.

Often State agricultural universities have mapped the state's soils, and this would be good information particularly if you planned on growing your own food or raising animals.

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto):
Ma Tsmuktengan.

Please note that I live in Oregon. You are very right. The Cascades of this state and Washington are the dividing point between temperate and arid. In the west is lush, damp, moss covered forest floors.

In this YouTube of the movie called The Hunted starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro, you can see how lush and green we are here. The trees are mighty, mostly deciduous, but extremely tall fir and pine trees in the rockier areas. Also be aware Silver Falls, Oregon is a real location and I have been there personally a few times. Just amazing.

THIS video is about an hour or so east of the moist/arid divide I mentioned above. This is the Crooked River Canyon area and sadly, a point where many commit suicide. That said, just look at the beauty here. Many junipers and dry grasses. Fires propogate in this region and there are rarely tall trees unless they are in a wind protected area

This is the Blues Mountains, IMHO, a very likely place for a clan to develope. Many rivers and streams and the forests are taller here once into the ridges. A very long and generally boring stretch of interstate but you can note how just turning a corner, the trees can fall away and become a grass covered slope and back again. Deer and antelope, elk, bear, mountain lion, rabbit, much hunting is available here. Most of the trees you will see in THIS video are pine, but you can find stretches of mighty fir (timestamd 3:15) and also if you watch movies like Rooster Cogburn, Paint Your Wagons or The Postman, you will see Oregon as those and many many more movies are filmed here. The Ring, Kindergarten Cop, Goonies, Short Circuit.

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto):
Welcome to the Columbia River Gorge. You can see all the various geology that made this such a beautiful state, here. Earthquakes, volcanoes and geological uplift have shaped this region.

Note the above sigh stating 6% downgrade on the prior post. That is Cabbage Hill... it is one of the steepest stretches on Oregons Interstate highways.

Now, The Gorge I-84 East (OR), Columbia River Gorge, Part 1 of 2, Mile 18 To Mile 53

Very interesting. My main worry is now the temperature of the regions, that all seems cold most of the year, with only two or three months of hot or comfortable temperatures.

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto):
With shelter, one survives. Trust me, we are a good climate mix. I would rather Oregon or Washington for this effort than say, Montana or southern California or Texas. IMHO, mountains would provide the best water and the best shelter against the weather.


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