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Letxuma Swizaw:
Only post here if you are at least 99.99repeating% sure you will follow through and live with the perm tribe.

It has been noted that this isn't just another sign up thread. Only when i or someone on the list is fully convinced that you are ready to give up your commercialistic tawtute ways and disappear into the woods with us will you be considered. You must earn our trust through any evident commitment to the tribe. If you heavily discuss the tribe and help your smuk with the questions we have now and the questions that will undoubtedly raise in the future you will be admitted.
As Itan has pointed out you should look at Rolyuyä post here if after reading this you are sure, then it is safe to assume you are ready to commit. And although i find the post a bit opinionated do not let that distract you from the hard facts that Rolyu presents. I will also add that unless you can garuntee or at least convince me that you will be out of school (including college, duh.) i won't put you on the list.

so far users we have commited appear to be:

Unil Txep- medic
Itan Atxur- permanent member
Txon Taronyu- permanent member
Letxuma Swizaw- permanent member, Family on christmas.
Mountain Banshee?- speak up
Uriuujìn - Head Shaman, monetary support, weekend visits.  ;)
Ta'em Swizaw-permanent
Toruk Txonä
Twonyu Ikranä-Homer aficionado and explosives expert.
fnua atxkxe
Tsawla Eltu Tsamsiyu-awesome Jedi padawan
Midnas Arran-committed but not perm. member.

Col Quaritch- pray, meditate, and whatever for his surgery, recovery, and his wellbeing, as his services as a christian minister will be invaluable to our christian members.

Feel free to ask any of ayOe questions. We have answers for most things already including: jobs, punishments, general location ideas, and similar.
Speak up if i missed anyone! We need to see a realistic depiction of those who will be available.

'Itan Atxur:
85% isn't commitment!!

Letxuma Swizaw:
is 90 enough?

I'm 100% commited to following up with this  ;)

Letxuma Swizaw:

--- Quote from: sezawte on February 15, 2010, 01:08:27 pm ---I'm 100% commited to following up with this  ;)

--- End quote ---

as long as im convinced you'll be up there, ma tsmukan. :D


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