Devil's Advocate and All the Bad Stuff.

Started by Rolyu, February 16, 2010, 06:51:34 PM

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'Itan Atxur

You know it's funny, I nearly quit on the spot the first time I read this topic. I remember feeling so depressed and foolish. Yet here I am a few months later! Hrh.

:D :D

-'Itan Atxur

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Tsyal Maktoyu

Quote from: 'Itan Atxur on September 28, 2010, 04:25:36 PM
You know it's funny, I nearly quit on the spot the first time I read this topic. I remember feeling so depressed and foolish. Yet here I am a few months later! Hrh.

:D :D

-'Itan Atxur

If they are true, dreams always find a way. :)


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Letxuma Swizaw

if you go back and read my first post you'll see how i felt for sure, but 'Itan Atxur came along and calmed me down i think. He's always been my conscience on this forum ;D
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'Itan Atxur

Hrh. I don't remember your first post here LetDuma (or mine for that matter). I'll have to go find it.

:D :D

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About the advice of reading up on real tibal peoples and their ways, and also to contact members of such peoples and ask them for advice:  You can also get in touch with anthropologists who have studied tribal people and lived with them. They could probably also give you good advice and tell you what traps you should avoid. You can certainly find some good anthroplogists at some major university. (Who knows, there is even a chance that some anthropologist want to study you and how you adapt to a new way of life.) Also they could help you to come in contact with some members of a tribal community somewhere.

Perhaps you could also travel to some location where tribal people live and ask them to show how they live (or at least how they lived in the old days). As for example you could visit the Embera of Panama (quite close to the US) and maybe arrange a longer stay where they show you more of their life. Here is one adress that might be of some help:

About men and women. A fairly even quote would be to prefer, as someone already mentioned, since it will decrease those tensions that can arise when some people are left alone while others are "mating" around them. One can just take a historical example: after the mytery on the ship Bounty in the 18th century a bunch of British men and a few Tahitians (both men and women) colonised Pitcairn island. For about a year or so, their community was shaken by a lot of violence and murder, much of it because the men fought over the women. Finally there were just a couple of men left, and the women. After that things got more quiet and the settlers survived and procreated, and still today their descendants live on Pitcairn island.


I'd hate to post on a topic that hasn't been posted in for at least 15 days, but I would like to add an idea. Meat can be preserved and used for future purposes if you know what you're doing. Dry-salting, Pickling, Smoking, and Drying are all good examples of Medieval ways to preserve meats. I'd suggest hunting when it's in season and putting aside meat for future purposes. The meat you put to the side should be preserved, so that when hunting season ends you'll still have a supply of food to live off. It'll make you're hunting strategy legal because you won't be considered poachers.  :)


Flewway, it sounds like you know what you are talking about! Yes, the preservation of meat will be necessary, not only for food supplies but also to reduce the pressure on our environment - if we make the meat last, we would need to hunt less.
In terms of laws, that depends on the location. We would without question settle somewhere where hunting for food is legal.

However, not sure if this is the right topic! It is a skill suggestion, so may do well in one of our other sub-boards.

Heh, posting on a board that hasn't been posted in for seven months... ;)

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Perhaps it would be in the best interest of future posts/topics to close this thread.

As many of the issues have been brought up and discussed thoroughly.

I read through almost the entire thread and posts and realized that many of these issues have already been solved.

This thread has lingered long enough agreed?


'Itan Atxur

I agree that most on what has been discussed in this thread has been solved, but I'm sure there are other things we are missing. The way I see it, having this thread open doesn't hurt the forum and has potential to do more help down the line.

Of course, I'm not the only pow Originally said "mod". I had to zoom in 19X before i could barely read this. ;D ;D /You've just been Narga'd

;D ;D

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I think we have to keep this open because if we're not looking at the downside of thing, we're not planning. If we're always optimistic,
, something we should keep notice of.


Quote from: Rolyu on March 30, 2010, 11:02:07 AM
Not to mention, you can't braid your hair like that by yourself.  I am sure that such extensive braids done by the Na'vi are great community and relationship building activities.  Kind of how many primates groom each other.

But yeah, the braids are genius.   :)  You guys all have really good points.

I don't know about that - I can easily make a "Na'vi-braid" of my own hair, it's just not as long (it reaches my hip). Not complicated at all.