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Txon Taronyu:
What do you people think everybody needs to learn if they are going to join the perm tribe
I think
-basic science (up to grade 10 grade the high the better.)
-basic hunting or fishing (just have to know a bit about these done it a few times ither one)
-basic wood working (or a tech class)
-basic sowing or weaving (just need to know how to do it generaly)
-basic food preperation (learn to cook its not hard)
-basic medical knowledge (first aid certificat)
-basic knowledge of common edible and useful plants (just learn a few)
-extensive knowledge of wilderness survival (read the SAS survial guide its really good )

what do you think we need to add to this list of things to learn???

'Itan Atxur:
I don't really know what else should be added to the list yet, but I plan on taking actual classes or something along those lines so when the time comes, I'll be ready and may be able to teach others.

I have nothing to add however I don't tihnk it should be necessary for all those things to be ESSENTIAL before you can join. Think of all the people who dropped science in favour of literature etc. And for the people who live in cities who have never been hunting before.

Maybe we go by the principle of at least 5 or 6 out of the 8.

The old Uriuujìn:
I like the idea of having people learn things before we get out there, but I also would support the idea of having a group of gurus teach the rest of us certain things about the world around us ^_^ Just a thought. I mean, half of the fun of knowing things is to teach others what you have learned so that everyone is bettered by the experience.

I think that the list you have now is perfect as it is ^_^

Eywa ayngahu


'Itan Atxur:
Yes, I agree that not everybody should be required to know everything off the bat. Just as long some of us know some of this stuff then we could be taught/teach others.


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