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Guns. Yes or No?

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'Itan Atxur:
I'm gonna open this topic with a quote that I happen to completely agree with:

--- Quote from: Autakuk'Ekong on February 24, 2010, 11:27:10 am ---Guns for hunting in a wilderness setting has only two true purposes to it, and it is for easy targeting and a fast kill.  But it has so many bad qualities over bows and arrows that I would not use them.

1) Guns need bullets.  Once the bullets are used, they are gone for good, and can't be used again.  Arrows are "re-usable"

2) Say you need a lot more game than just one animal.  Guns make such a startling noise that you'd lose your chance for more game the moment you shoot.  Bows and arrows are more silent.  Not completely, but it's a lot softer than a gun.

3) Simply cocking a gun could set an animal off and run.  B&A's don't do that.

4) B&A's are lighter to carry than guns.

--- End quote ---

This has a lot of potential to become a VERY heated discussion. All I ask is that you voice your opinions and state your facts with passion but also with reason. Irayo. (also, I'm withholding my vote for now)

Eywa Ngahu

-'Itan Atxur (yeah, I totally stole Uriuuj├Čn's old stamp)

[EDIT]No way! My first "stamp"! Been doing this for over a year now. Here's my "new" stamp:

 ;D ;D

-Itan Atxur

Fnua Atxkxe:
I don't like the symbolism that guns represent i.e war, death etc. Personally I would find it quite offputting if there were guns going about in the tribe. Guns just have too many negative connotations

But bows or crossbows are the same, aren't they?

'Itan Atxur:
Even looking at it from a practical stand point, I just don't see guns as being necessary. Plus it's far easier to accidentally shoot someone with a gun than it is with bow and arrow. (still haven't voted. I want to see all the arguments first)

[edit] I never even thought about crossbows. I'll add that to the poll.

When we know how to shoot with a reflex bow or something, it's certainly a better weapon in all ways..


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