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Started by Nìmwey, December 11, 2011, 09:32:49 AM

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The thing with hunting laws is driving me nuts... earlier, in summer, I quickly eliminated Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela from the location research since it seemed they had banned hunting altogether.

But other sources (recent ones) say different. So I'm very confused, and need help.

I tried to ask straight out on the internet what the situation really is in Costa Rica, since someone said you can get jail up to seven years if you hunt anything there, and still people are hunting there, and I very much doubt they are poaching.
But the only answers I got said nothing and were not really mature... "In all of Central America there are mexicans you can hunt", for example. >:(

Before I can take any of these countries from my list, I'd like to get solid info on whether it really is illegal, or not.
Please, feel free to research the same in other countries... the only locations I know now where you can hunt, and they have lots of wild game, is Mexico, Spain and Hawaii. (So I'm obviously not so far into this yet that I can do more "thinning" because of simple or difficult restrictions.)

Now, I know we'll probably not have to be totally reliant on this. As far as I know, the diet of indigenous populations (especially in warmer countries) only consists of about 20% meat.
But since we don't want to raise animals for slaughter, and unless we want to go vegan (we need other things from animals than just meat), we have to do some hunting, which makes it an essential part of the location research.

If anyone is feeling motivated, please help me with this.


At first, I would eliminate states where laws are not strictly followed, for corruption and weird regulation issues. Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica are states that are very unreliable for such stuff. Some lands can be very dangerous there while they just do not apply many of their laws.

The idea is to avoid states where theory (laws) are not too different from practices. I think Argentina can be reliable. Brazil should also be all right in terms of hunting laws (they try to avoid traffic of some species). States like Chile and French Guyana are very reliable though concerning hunting.

I hope this can help you for instance. If anyone knows more about South American states, feel free to share.