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National defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

Basically it means you can't speak out against the government or they will classify you as a threat / terrorist. Well, I have a tendency to not be nice on certain things regarding politics. And this would be a reason for me to want to go to Argentina or another place like it.

I didn't see anything there that said speaking out against the government would make you a threat.  I seriously doubt that any law that does so will be allowed to stand for very long, as it would be a direct violation of much of what we stand for in the US.  Even if they did try to sneak it in, once it started getting put into use, There would be such a severe political backlash that it wouldn't be allowed to stand.

Or it would start a civil war.  Either way, it won't stand for long.  I wouldn't worry about it.

Is this Act or Law even constitutional? The well founded USa Constitution should not be accepting such thing that can also go against basic expression freedom.

I just cannot understand how Obama could have signed such a thing. This is extremely deceiving.  >:(

But this can indeed motivate to take a look back and look for alternative way of life, fat from too securitary rules and mentalities.

Apparently my mother said this law has always been around, just is made more effective in this bill. Never new they could sign in laws to contradict the Bill of Rights, but I guess they can.


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