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Kelutral, Korowai style

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Seze Mune:
Maybe someone has already posted about this?  But I came across this picture of a tree-dwelling tribe and thought you guys might find it interesting.  It's the Korowai tribe.

Wonder if they eat in the house because taking groceries up there has to be a challenge.  The rickety ladders supposedly protect against arson...that is, setting the houses on fire and smoking out the inhabitants for capture.  But what if someone set the ladders on fire?  That's a heckuva drop...

I have already heard about this unique way of construction.

Well, it looks honestly too high, fragile and difficult to build. I won't think of this in the first place.  ;D

Tsyal Maktoyu:
There's these...or a homegrown equivalent. ;)

This is very nice in fact. This looks much closer and reachable for what we may want, depending on each of us.  :)

Meuiama Tsamsiyu (Toruk Makto):
Imagine a severe wind storm? Talk about rocking to sleep.


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