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Look what I found

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Txon Taronyu:
Some guy did what we are doing look at this

'Itan Atxur:
Nice find! Haven't read the entire thing yet but it will be worth the read!

[edit] okay, so I've lightly skimmed through the first 3rd or so (watching a movie now :D). From what I've gathered, he didn't really go into this fully prepared the way we intend to. If he can do this successfully the way he did, I see no reason we shouldn't be able to!

Nice.  Just finished reading it.  That's got a lot of good stuff in there!  ^^

I like how he talks about the legal and land issues.

Txon Taronyu:
Ya this does have some good stuff which every body here should read

The old Uriuujìn:
If someone posted a summary, I would gladly take it and sticky it to the Forum. I personally have not enough time on my hands to read through the entire thing ^_^;; Irayo to whoever decides to!

Gaia ayngahu



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