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Started by Navi At Heart, January 14, 2012, 12:13:08 AM

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Navi At Heart

Hello tribal members I was looking over the forums and I noticed it was difficult for people to figure out how we the green light going on our project and I just wanted to help. I am taking a break from fighting and have no job (work is seasonal). So basically Im just wondering if there was any way i could help my fellow members, I care a lot for this project and my bothers and sisters behind it and only wish for it to succeed.
Call me Cowboy :)

'Itan Atxur

Greeting brother!! Help of any type would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been here as of late but if the issues still stand as before we are still undecided on a location and quite frankly, many of us (including myself) are losing motivation.

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Navi At Heart

Thank you so far its been a very warm welcome. As far as my loyalty to this Idea succeeding goes...I didnt join this group for it to fail  :). Ill do whatever I can to make sure we find a location, raise the money to buy said location, and get this great tribe back to its natural roots.
Call me Cowboy :)


I am still here,  but so busy I almost have no social life. 

If I were you,  rather than finding a location,  I would look for a discovery group we could join to discover and learn what life in a forest implies.  There are groups lead by professionals that allow people to join and enter survival mode in tropical rainforests as far as I know,  and I think this is a path we should take.