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Well, this has been down for x amount of months now, with little progress now. I think it's safe to assume that this has met it's downfall, unless there's still some group that still would hold this out as an option. As far as I would say, I think a majority of the Tribe section (if not all) could be locked/archived, unless there's any objection to so, or an objection to keep atleast one board open. This will be left open for some time to accommodate the slow posting of this section.

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This is sad, very sad, only.

 :'( :'(

I've not been in here much but I have lurked for some time. To be honest (and I don't want to sound harsh) this always looked like a hopeless dream due to the circumstances of our current world.

Of course it would of been a nice thing to happen but I highly doubt this would become true... kind of like dreaming the impossible dream fellows.

That said I'd pull the plug ;)

Niri Te:
 Singularly, or in a very small group, you can pull this off, AS LONG AS, a bunch of "IFS" can be satisfied.
FIRST, someone in the group has to have the liquid money to BUY the land.
SECOND, someone in the group HAS to be on some sort of Government Pension that will follow them antwhere in the World so that you guys have a source of money for day to day expenses.
THIRD, someone in the group HAS to know how to build a house, including how to log the timber, and then finish it into USEABLE lumber to build the house.
FOURTH, Someone in the group HAS to know HOW to put meat on the table by Hunting and Fishing, or you guys will starve.

IF you can satisfy ALL those problems, then you WILL make it. If you can NOT, it is doomed to heartbreaking failure.

And what about knowing enough about the "lay of the land", which plants are edible, how to deal with diseases, and how to avoid parasites?

Do you know how to correctly identify venomous snakes and arachnids? How about poisonous plants?

Have you calculated how many acres of land of a given type of ecosystem are necessary to sustain a small group of humans? Are you aware that you would need to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, or risk damaging the ecosystem from over-hunting (actually, if you did this on an island, you could kill or badly damage the ecosystem of the island within a few years).

Did you calculate what percentage of "empty" land that could be lived in by humans is actually available for sale? How about winters? Did you consider that you probably won't get to live in a tropical forest somewhere, and may have to deal with extreme cold?

None of these questions were answered. None of them.

Without answers to these questions, you all would all die, and the location you picked would be in such terrible shape ecologically by the time you were dead that it would be better off being burned.

If you were living in a forest, you wouldn't be eating meat all the time. If you killed things often enough that ten people could eat meat for the bulk of their daily food intake, you would crash the local ecosystem. If you add to that the amount of wood needed to make fires, you would probably end up cutting down the entire forest just to make dinner.

If you lived in a forest, and had an ecologically sustainable diet, it would mostly be fruits, edible plants, mushrooms, and insects. If you lived near a river, stream, or lake, you could eat fish too. The fruit would be seasonal, though; even fruit trees in tropical places often bear fruit seasonally (the tropics have no winter, but they often have wet and dry seasons). Bearing fruit is how angiosperm plants reproduce, and reproducing all the time would drain all of their resources until they withered and died.

So if you were located near a body of water with edible fish in it, you would have fish, veggies, fungi, and insects to eat as your diet staples. Since you are emulating hunter-gatherer tribes, any farming would have to be very minimal, and as such, you would need far more land in order to have a large enough ecosystem to forage in. And that's just forests; if you live in a semi-arid habitat or a grassland, it may be even harder to find enough food, and you would need a order of magnitude more acreage in order to come up with enough to eat.

And none of this is even considering that fact that there isn't much land available any more. You would need to go back in time several hundred years in order to be able to find land, and land would still be limited in some places, never mind the fact that you could all be enslaved or simply killed and raided to death by hostile tribes.

I'm not trying to be mean, guys, but this was doomed from the start. There are better ways to honor the ideals of Avatar anyway; running away into what seems like bountiful wilderness isn't going to fix any of the world's problems.


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