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RLNT - Head Count - Sep/Oct 2011

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'Itan Atxur:
Still alive.


--- Quote from: Nìmwey on September 29, 2011, 05:17:55 am ---I voted unsure, because while I am here and will help you out, I have no idea if I will be going with you in the end or not. ;)

--- End quote ---

I couldn't have said it better myself.

The numbers are shrinking...

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I wouldn't exactly say the numbers are decreasing... Maybe people just need some more motivation. Perhaps they're beginning to doubt the possible success of the project. I'd like to see it become successful because I know that everyone's been working very, very hard.

Well, then there is a simple way to show the project is on it's way with people involved : making a clear summary point of what's done and yet to do as of today.  ;)

Is there a roadmap somewhere? I have not seen this anywhere in this forum section. It could help knowing where we are though.

This project is fully possible, even if it is ambitious (and that's great). But it won't encourage people already involved or not if there isn't a minimal organization. This is actually what I feel here. So it may be time to sum up, to know where we are, what is top priority to complete the current task and what's the next step. We have lots of ideas and questions that need reflexion and answers, but we need to make sure we do decide about current issues.  ;)

For example : the location : there have been several suggestions, one has a lot of information and data (Hawaii). What about the other possible locations? What data do we have from them? What is missing? Then, which place is reliable, safe and suitable for a community living? I have not seen a lot of clear and structured advancement about this point. I could continue to search, but I'm not sure what is missing or have to find about for example.

Once one or more locations seem to be good, we can inform ourselves more deeply about them and start looking at the issue of how to live there, for example.


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