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Very nice work, but I guess with "chasing" you mean "hunting", right? ;)
French Guiana does seem like a good candidate, when researching South America I've found that it's probably the best location, healthwise and so on, in northern South America.

Fixed. It is indeed 'hunting', mixed up english and french. ;D

I think there should still be more information to complete about other potential locations to really have the choice. I will try to investigate more legal stuff for this one on my side, but we can still have a look at what there can be in the US, or potentially elsewhere.

EDIT: Yet, I just came across this topic I actually never read : Climate choices

Going even more off-topic, I just read this from you ma Nimwey :

--- Quote ---Australia - Pretty high danger level, with many dangerous animals. Otherwise not in my research.
--- End quote ---

What makes this country even more dangerous? Any specific hazards for specific areas?

Hm, if I wrote that, I guess it's a rather old post. :P
The place I can think of where I got that would be somewhere here (sorry, can't find it now):
We were talking - at some point - about the dangerous animals (such as the rather venomous spiders and snakes) in Australia.
There ARE some dangerous animals there, but it doesn't seem to be that bad. Not if you have a plan in case of emergency.

OK, then feel free to help me completing the list with potentially good places, according to your researches.


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