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Well, I'm looking back at this and have seen how much it's basically stalled. I am enrolling in Neumont University (I'm already accepted), and with graduation time, I will be out of the university in April 2015 (4-Year Bachelors Program shoved into 2.5 Years). My theory on this is we should work to get the progress done and planned, then set it into Sleep mode, saying we'll come back to it later. I still want to do this project, but I just can't until 2015, minimum. (Besides, playing Skyrim is teaching me a thing or two about the beauty of nature) So I want to see what other boats we're all in to see if we can keep this up over time.

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
I was temporarily in a state of finding this project impossible.  I was romantically involved with someone who would not give up his life.

But we broke up!

As a result, I am findig myself far more capable of seeing this as an actual possibility.  I too plan on spending quite some time in college but the nice thing is, i am majoring in Anthropology which means I can use College as an excuse to be a part of the RLNT.  I am currently in my first year of college with a planned Grad year of 2015 as well, however I plan on going to Grad school and to get PHDs.  The nice thing about Grad school, however, is I can spend time in other countries 'working on my thesis's' XD

Anyway, what i am trying to say is although i poked the 'sleep' button in the poll, I am fully committed to this and will do everything I can to work the LNT into my college and future life!

Still trying to check my eventual sources for knowledge. Not a lot of time. But I work with someone who can certainly help me trying to see where I can try to organize this project. This friend grew up and lived in several other countries and knows about living "the hard way". So I am still active behind the hood, but some work to do as well, like many of us.  :)

It takes more time than I expected. I am trying to get this rolling again and giving aims by the end of March, beginning April, I want to rely on people who already have knowledge and who can give good advices.

Looking to build the new wordpress-powered website soon. I am planning on how all the information that have been placed in the forums will be sorted on the project's website. I also still have to ask questions though. But it's ongoing.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
What one is it on the poll that I am still continuing?

And of course, I will always be with this project, I will possibly be finished with high school and university at the end of this decade


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