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teaching others wilderness skills

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Ikranä mokri:
this thread is all about teaching those who want to learn (and are not going to argue) about skills you will need to survive in most wildernesses.

things like skinning animals, tracking, camouflage, how to put up a shelter using very little stuff.

most of these sort of things can be found in a any decent survival guide and personally i would recommend either the SAS survival guide or another military one. bear grylls and ray mears are good but the miliraty ones do put allot more into it with simpler pictutres and more in depth uses.

ask any questions you want on here, whether its about where to stab a rabbit or deer to minimise the blood loss or whether its just about how to best use a tarpaulin to make a quick shelter. Me and many others on here are totally willing to give our advice to help.

BTW there may be a few different ways to do certain things... I do NOT i repeat NOT want any arguments about how to do things. if you have another way to do something post it saying its a different way it may be easier or quicker but your going to get the same result in the end

Letxuma Swizaw:
I don't have a lot of life experience (being 17) but i do have a lot of know-how. I wouldn't mind helping some of the others with you, ma tsmukan.

<opinion> On a different note IMO Bear Grylls is a horrible survivalist he teaches you to risk your life every chance you get (we could walk around this ice-cold lake but that would take ages so let's inflate our pants and make our way across all 300 meters of it!), while on the other hand Wes Straud teaches you to take it easy, avoid injury, and do things the slow, simple, and safe way.</opinion>

But i suppose different situations call for different survival techniques no matter how risky.

Ikranä mokri:
well life skills isnt really what this is about more of a survival thing. Im 17 as well but running away from home teaches you allot of stuff. and bear grylls is crap or didnt it come across like that?

Letxuma Swizaw:
Oh i thought you were saying he was good. I'm sorry. :D Yeah he is garbage the whole time i watch his show i try to count the amount of times that an average person without a camera/safety crew would have seriously injured themselves. He climbs a freaking 50 ft rock face for giggles , generally not a good move when it comes to survival.

Ikranä mokri:
thats true but were not here to slag of bear grylls


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