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what do you think our parents will say? (Merged with "Telling our Parents")

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Ikranä mokri:
trust me i had my life planned as well but even the best laid plans go tits up, iv had to change my plan yearly since i was 15 so now i set a goal and go for it and my goal atm is to get eh 2011 uk camping trip awesome and help get the tribe started 

'Itan Atxur:
My life plan from the beginning has been to wing it. I'm not really a fan of et paths and structure.

Duma Vadamee {Aungia Tsawkeyä}:
my parents wont understand so ill gust leave without saying anything to them once im out of collage

Swok Tihawnu:

--- Quote from: ean-nari on March 18, 2010, 03:30:06 am ---I just told my parents that I wanted to do this and they supported me :D.
My mother even liked it ;D.

--- End quote ---
Man you are so lucky...

My dad and I got into a conversation about college and if I'm doing the right thing... I told him about the tribe as an "extreme fallback" even though it's one of my top priorities! ;D

For now I don't think he wants to hear it, but later he will have to face the news and otherwise I haven't told my mom yet, but hopefully she will be more accepting to what I am doing.

In 4 years I'll have 23, and I'll live alone. I think I'll send a big letter to my mother, and explain what I'll do, and why ...


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