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what do you think our parents will say? (Merged with "Telling our Parents")

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Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Hey Everybody :) 'Itan Atxur here. Just dropped by to see how things are going and to do a little modding by merging a few repetitive topics. Hope all is going well.

Ok, so I've seen people posting about their parents when talking about the tribe and, while I /don't/ plan on telling my parents for awhile, I'd like to know how you where all able to break it to them and what the heck you said to get them to be ok with it.

I have 2 years to plan how I'm going to say this, but it might slip out when I'm tired or something. I just plan to say 'I'm going to become an environmentalist and move out into the forest with others. Bye.'

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
When is this whole thing planning on going down any way?  How much time /do/ we have?

'Itan Atxur:
We're estimating no less than 4 years give or take (more than likely give).

And yeah, I just bit the bullet pretty much right off the bat. My parents are unreasonable much of the time but thank eywa they're open minded. They don't understand my decision at all but they understand I need to do it and they've accepted that.

 :'( I hope it's less than four years... but anyway, my plan is more or less to say just before I leave so that they can't really object


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