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Na'vin Nos'feratxu:
I would like to discuss and refine the specifics of our Tribe, its ranks and positions.

I assume (and hope) that we are going to Adopt the Na'vi culture, and its Leadership ranks and positions.
Based on all the members we have, we should discuss who is best qualified to Lead us.
Dont treat this like its a touchy subject, we all should be confident in our choices and hold other higher than ourselves.

I am going to analyze the information given by all the current Na'vi tribe members, their skills and roles in the Tribe.
I also may contact you individually by PM to ask and discuss about your skills and qualities.
I am taking on this analysis myself, and everyone is encouraged to partake in it with me.
This will help us to get to know each other, and become comfortable with one another.

From what we know (Correct me if im forgetting something) this is the current system:
Olo'eyktan: Clan Leader
Tsahik: Spiritual representative
Something to discuss is if both Leader and Tsahik should be a mated pair or not in our Tribe.

How we determine the Olo'eyktan position will/should be based on knowledge and qualifications of Culture, weapons, hunting, location and other things. This will be refined and discussed as well.
The Tsahik should also be based on qualification and the ability to represent the Na'vi tribe, to potential outsiders.

Olo'eyktan and Tsahik are the most important positions. I see them as the Mother and Father of the Tribe.
The ones who can raise the people and teach them to be Na'vi.

I will analyze the information of all the current members, and I encourage all of you to help me with this analysis.
The more we know about one another, the better we will be. United so to speak.

This tribe is at somewhat of a stand still, and I believe this will help us move along.

I will update this thread with results and analysis. Please help is any way you can, as this will help us determine who our leaders should be, and potentially help us get going!

Hi there Na'vin,

One thing to note in our tribe is the extent to which we will mirror the Na'Vi - I am glad that you have brought this up. A leader and a spiritual leader will of course be necessary once we set up - but for now, I am not sure that they are needed. A spiritual leader for example would serve little purpose so long as we are communicating only through this forum, for example.

In the past, leaders have come and gone. Right at the start there was an elected leader, who promptly vanished. Then there was an allocation of roles for research (for me it was location and wilderness skills, thanks to my work in the UK with numerous survival courses and companies), but again most disappeared. Then, the two original moderators both went away, and the new moderators (the ones now in operation) were formed - before most of them promptly vanished too! Myself, Eana Nantang and Key'il are the last posting mods around (next to, of course, our weekly updater).

Our two most pressing concerns are at the moment: members (we need more!) and immigration control.
As for attracting new members, there is a plan of mine (a secret - look out for 11,000 new members soon!), but immigration is still a major issue. It is proving very hard to find any country that will allow the semi-permanent residence of around two-dozen people.

The tribe is at a standstill. There is no doubt about that. But I think that this was primarily caused by hitting a brick wall made of border control (we even had a plan for after we get location sorted - check out this thread:!/60/) and the fact that many new members are simply not posting anymore. I mean, why spend valuable time analysing the various qualities of our (very limited) numbers, when it could be better spent on the less fun, but equally important, logistical issues (such as finalizing that darned location).

Na'vin, you seem to be keen to start, and I hope that you will stay with us through this dark time - read through all of the sub-boards, maybe even check out the archives to see what past good ideas and mistakes have occurred. A leader? maybe. But I think that our active numbers are too few right now. I trust everyone on this forum already, and a glance through the introductory threads should tell you all you need to know about each person. Beware of "warriors" though, and this is a warning to those who consider themselves to be so - they will have little place in the tribe, as we are not aiming to fight with ANYONE to get our plan sorted.

If you have taken the time to read all the way through my excessively long post, then I would congratulate Na'vin on the first "original" post made on this board since the Christmas competition, and hope he continues his active steak. Everyone else, get a move on!

Keep up the dream,

Key'├Čl Nekxetse:
We have no way to rely on people staying and numbers are low, so electing positions isn't really very useful. Sorry, thank you for offering to try, but I don't think it's worth it. :(
I'll see if I can find members who are active, give it a week. :-\

I will say, I do tend to read the forums, so I'm here, I just don't have much to say lately.

Still, what others have said:  It's been brought up before that there should be Olo'eyktan and Tsahik, but the tribe didn't want to follow them exactly as they were from what I saw, and at this point, there's not much need to vote for them.  Also, negating that the two be a "mated" couple might be too restrictive and at the same time cause a conflict of interests or an absolution of power, which is something you would want to avoid.

When it comes to electing tribal leaders, I really do think that it's something that should be decided once you get to know each other better in person.  You'll get to know the members better when you get to meet each other face to face then you ever will online.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu:


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