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This hasn't been discussed much except for a few time, but there has to be a way we know each other and each other's abilities, so basically we just determined there was going to be an admission test.

Step One: Meetup
We would need to determine where everyone in your same country [and who is commited also] is, so that we could determine a single meet-up city to discuss and just get to know each other. We'd probably have to do it the old-fashioned way and just rent out motel rooms to each individual. Then we'd just in general spend time with each other and just get to knoweach other.

Step Two: Admission
Admission Step One: Camp
This was also pointed out. We'd pick some easy in-country place to set up a kayak trip or camp trip. Then stay at that location for about 3 weeks and live off the land about the second half of that time period.
Admission Step Two: Split Up
We'd most likely split up for about 2 weeks into small groups, and do about the same for 2 weeks.
Admission Step Three: Isolation
Same thing, this time only off the land, by yourself for about one week. If you make it back alive, you'll be considered part of the tribe, go home, plan more, then go to the actual tripe. If you don't survive, we have alot of issues to explain in court.

Any agrees/disagrees?

I don't think that that is necessary.

I think that the tribe admission would be more like a practical test. Like can you shoot a bow?

Because a tribe is about the tribe, not the individual, there's no need for solitary camping.

It's there so if you're lost you know what to do, and most basically to ensure you can live off the land.

Txon Taronyu:
Well I came up with this system and step one and two are different

step one is a canoe trip
step to is of in the forest no canoes

The old Uriuujìn:
I think that the Admission process should be thus:

You want in? Are you a criminal? Do you have any health conditions? Ok, you are in! ^_^ I do not think that a test is necessary for membership-this experience should be about learning as much as anything else. I would rather some have no idea what is going on than everyone know exactly what is happening. The latter makes it so much less fun!

Eywa ayngahu



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