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Two projects!

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Hey everyone,

After a long absence, it is good to finally return to my little internet home. In the time i was away, I have found two projects run by other organisations which may be appropriate to us!

The first is the Anake Outdoor School, an american 9-month wilderness living course in Duvall, Washington.
The other is the Guunuwa Project, an australian 12-month wilderness living course in New South Wales.

Should my university application not go as planned, I will be attending one of these courses - probably the second. The application periods for these are still open, if anyone wants a go - but the real purpose of flagging this up is to highlight the fact that we will all need comprehensive training like this if we are to live in the wilds, rather than just barely survive.

Food for thought, and I hope to maybe see some of you there!

'Itan Atxur:
I have been very seriously considering such courses and have actually spoken with my parents about it.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu:

Well, I'm planning the meetup next year, so recovering from that would put off one of those courses a far way.

[Realized Semi-Necropost]

well, exciting though it is, I will be attending the australia project and not be attending the American one. There are still places available on both - but one thing, the australian one is considerably cheaper, even when flights are factored in.


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