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What can I do?


Hi guys,
          Is project tribal still happening? there seems to be a huge lack of activity recently  :'( for a long time now my friends and I (all 13 coming on 14) have followed the actions of the tribe and are planning on doing this as soon as we can. we have been doing and planning training exercises and we were wondering.. is there any way we can help the tribe. information is not very well organised and sometimes we are left rather confused  :-[  (probably just me missing something though)

Thanks for your help guys


Key'├Čl Nekxetse:
I think the project has mostly stalled. The number of people coming and going again appears to be a crippling issue.
There are still one or two people here, and a similar project at is slightly more active.

          I have been looking at the Blue Moon Tribe since I saw it after looking in the location topic and am seriously considering joining.


It hardly continues because I really lack time to organize this... I basically organize many things around me and I tend to not spend enough time in here. I have to speed up a bit. I will get up again when I will finally start planning a meeting somewhere and a training/learning activity in some area.

You can always have a look at Blue Moon and here. This could get you some ideas. I am still gathering a few information for all this. I also plan to maintain a brand new website. So...  :)


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